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Featured image above Vase with matte white glaze with green lines, John Ward (b. 1938)

His work promoted itself by its sheer quality and the affection that shone through it. The pots are all stoneware, all hand-built into apparently simple forms, and all with matt glazes applied in such a way that, more than any other potter I know, they belong absolutely to the particular forms they decorate.’ It might almost be expressing the raison d’être of the potter’s art.

Peter Dingley

It’s almost a travesty to apply words to such an object, so I will resist the temptation, but it is terribly tempting. What then to do or say when confronted by a Lucie Rie bowl.

I wonder how a manganese dripped rim tastes? Maybe just a little lick?

Bowl with dripped manganese rim, Lucie Rie

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