Might mean anything …

Local Surrey artist Joe Goebels denied courting controversy with his latest work entitled “MMA” which went on display at the Surrey Hills Gallery of Modern Art (SHiGOMA) this week. The triptych of photographs comprises three pictures; a manhole cover, a mans anus, and a picture of Jeremy Hunt, and is one of 6 new works on display by the artist in the exhibition which includes the previously displayed interactive works “Pinkometer”, and “Cattle Prod”.

Chew your own cud

Joe Goebels

“I’m certainly not going going to give you an explanation” said Joe “and nor will I enter into any defence or apology for my message. That’s what people want me to do, to break it down, deconstruct it, explain the day the music died. That’s just pitiful and lazy, and worse than that it removes any involvement and responsibility from the viewer. They just passively suck up the premasticated cud. Chew your own cud!”

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