Join the revolution

SHiRKs thriving network of komrade aktivists are working to make the cultural revolution that is so desperately needed a reality today.

Some day it will have to be told how ‘anti-Stalinism,’ which started out more or less as ‘Trotskyism,’ turned into art for art’s sake, and thereby cleared the way, heroically, for what was to come.

Clement Greenberg, Art and Culture 1961

And to paraphrase Trotsky, the future will only be heroic if Art can remain faithful to itself. The inability to distinguish between degrees of clarity: to lick the penumbra and float in the big mouth filled with honey and excrement.

Benefits of membership

We explicitly exclude and deride the base motivation and expectation of benefits of membership. Seek not to identify what the Revolution will do for you, it is what you will do for the Revolution that is material. That is not to say there are not benefits, but simply that we are morally obliged to refuse to delineate them.

Previous years membership benefits have included (on occasion)

  • Lifetime free admission to Surrey Hills Gallery of Modern Art
  • Individually crafted and numbered copies of the Manifesto
  • Membership badge
  • Honorary degrees
  • Limited edition prints

Measured by the scale of eternity, all activity is in vain, except this! So join SHiRK and support the revolution today.

After joining, please do not forget to email using your registered name confirming you accept and endorse the Manifesto, a copy of which may be available to you if your membership application is successful.